Who are the Cousins Gibb? cousins_archive

Reginald Gibb, Tomothy Gibb and (sometimes) Stigfried Gibb are three purported brothers who claim to be cousins of the "Brothers Gibb" (the Bee Gees). While never achieving the super-stardom of their more famous cousins (or even any local notoriety for that matter), the Cousins Gibb nonetheless are the creators of a certain musical legacy. Audiences of the Cousins often notice a "family resemblance" or a similarity of musical style between the music of the Cousins and that of the Brothers Gibb (which some have ventured to call plagiaristic). While common sense suggests that the music of the Cousins Gibb is a crass rip-off of the Bee Gees, the Cousins argue the opposite - that in fact it was the Bee Gees who shamelessly exploited the poor unknown Cousins Gibb.

Information about the Cousins is scant and often conflicting. Therefore, your humble web-master has endeavored to list the known facts, rumours and gossip that have surfaced about the Cousins Gibb. Submitted for your approval, then, is a tentative timelineof the Cousins Gibb.

Known recordings and appearances of the Cousins Gibb: